After Work Hotspots: Condado.

Everyone knows that Pittsburgh is a great city, but a little secret everyone might not be in on is that its home of some fantastic tacos. A new place popped up a few months ago and it’s making some serious fiesta waves. I’m talking about Condado – home of tacos, tequila and margaritas. It’s not everyone’s conventional “last meal before a big race” dinner, but … Continue reading After Work Hotspots: Condado.

Food Truck Roundup: Blue Sparrow.

Over the years the food we eat and take pictures of has changed and evolved. Not only has the quality, style and options have changed, but the way we get it has too. Food trucks have swept the nation and certainly taken over Pittsburgh. You can find food trucks all over the city, but it takes some time to learn when and where to find them. … Continue reading Food Truck Roundup: Blue Sparrow.

Asia Meets Squirrel Hill: Silk Elephant.

Thai restaurants can be found all across Pittsburgh, but not all of them specialize in tapas and wine in addition to having beautiful and traditional decor like Silk Elephant. Wood paneling flows down from the kitchen bar and wooden windows divide the tables around the restaurant. Elephant carvings are engraved in the wooden beams and every chair is a cherry wood with a flowery design … Continue reading Asia Meets Squirrel Hill: Silk Elephant.

Asia Meets Squirrel Hill: Chengdu Gourmet.

Squirrel Hill is known for a couple things – the Jewish culture and the Asian cuisine. Among the sea of options, continue onto Murray and turn onto Forward Avenue and you’ll find Chengdu Gourmet. It’s funny, I’ve lived in Squirrel Hill for years and have walked the streets a hundred times, but somehow this place flew under my radar until a friend recommended it – … Continue reading Asia Meets Squirrel Hill: Chengdu Gourmet.

Flying to Florida: Guanabanas.

Hello readers! This week I take you a little south of the city – we’re flying to Florida. Anyone that has been to Pittsburgh knows, it gets a little cold during the winter months.  To escape the bitter cold and the fluffy snow, many head down to sunny Florida for hibernation.  For all of the snowbirds and vacationers that find themselves in Jupiter, Florida – … Continue reading Flying to Florida: Guanabanas.