After Work Hotspots: Double Wide Grill.

Pull up to the pump and fill your belly. This gas station themed restaurant has plenty of fuel options and can be found in several locations. I’m referring to Double Wide Grill.

Spotted in Cranberry, East Carson Street and North Huntingdon, all are equally great, but for this particular visit, I dined at the North Huntingdon location.

Before transforming into Double Wide Grill, the location was known as a restaurant called Teddy’s. A simple place that generated a large 50 and over crowd, now did a 180 to a garage and rustic themed place with Pittsburgh pride scattered about. I was loving the makeover.

It was a beautiful day so we asked to be seated on the deck. Lights hung over our heads and the decor continued with a vintage Steeler mounted on the tree overlooking the deck. It would make for a very nice setting at night.

The waitress showed us to our seats and handed us each a massive menu. Many of the options had cute names like Mom’s Meatloaf, TV dinners which allowed you to build your own meal and Junkyard nachos.

Double Wide caters to everyone. They pride themselves on being a couple types of restaurants. They consider themselves a sports bar with over 40 drafts on tap, a bar-b-que joint offering dishes like St. Louis ribs and pulled pork, both served with their own Carolina-style sauce and a vegan/vegetarian restaurant with plenty of vegan and vegetarian flagged items on the menu. They even use a separate fryer for their deep fried vegan items.

In addition to the abundant amount of the food options, they have plenty of cocktails to choose from. I felt a beverage was needed for my porch view and selected a Bob Collins.

Pineapple Chicken Wrap.

Now to scan the menu – at first, we talked about getting salads, but that idea quickly went out the window and my eyes jumped to the pineapple chicken wrap. Indicated with a tiny pepper, the chicken wrap had a slight kick from their homemade hot sauce. Wrapped in a flour tortilla along with the hot sauce were wood grilled chicken breast, pineapple salsa and Swiss cheese and a fruit cup on the side.  I really enjoyed the hot sauce and the opposing flavor of the pineapple.

My sister also shied away from the salad idea and ordered the Cajun halloumi and cucumber sandwich. I’ve had a lot of cheese in my day, but never have I ever had halloumi. It was an interesting cheese that I swear to you resembled chicken because of its texture. It was wood-grilled and didn’t melt. It was very thick and smooth, but you know what – it was really tasty too. Along with this mystical cheese were fresh cucumbers, creamy tzatziki sauce and she added chicken on multigrain bread. She enjoyed the sandwich but learned after that the protein up charge was pretty steep.

The Pittsburgh “born and bred original” continues to expand their menu with brunch on Saturday and Sunday featuring their house favorite the Double Wide Benedict.

Depending on the location, Double Wide likes to keep their guests with live entrainment, karaoke, happy hour and trivia nights. Check the schedule online to see what might be happening each night.

There’s never a dull moment at the Double Wide.

Experience Pittsburgh, One Bite at a Time.

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