Boarding to Boston: Park.

“And she said, I think I’m going to Boston.”

And so she did. This week I walked the historical streets of Boston and found myself at some good eats. One of my favorites was right in Harvard Square called Park.

Framed with bold stone and climbing down into a grotto –  welcome to the restaurant. The hanging lights are the first thing that will catch your eye as you approach the rustic 20th-century feel building. The underground fortress breaks down into four different areas – the dining room, the classroom, the den and the back room and all are dressed with unique designs and vintage-chic decor.

We put in a reservation for a high-top for two and were escorted outside to a two person table attached to the stone wall. It was a cute little table planted on cobblestone that sat under the stringed lights. I almost wished the sun was setting instead of rising to enjoy the ambiance from the lights.

To kick off brunch we started with a couple drinks. I went for my classic mimosa and my friend took the virgin cocktail route with the lavender fizz cocktail. The mimosa had a good balance. I hate when they overdue it on the OJ. The lavender fizz was extremely refreshing. You took a sip and received a berry flavor and then you got a few more fruity flavors and the fizz at the end. We loved it!

The brunch menu provided a lot of options, all very unique. From goat cheese omelets to crab quiche florentine, each description sounded delicious. My eyes have a tendency to be drawn to the word “avocado” so I narrowed in my sites to the brisket and eggs that contained grilled slow-roasted brisket, avocado baked eggs, caramelized onions with breakfast potatoes on the side.

The Classic Breakfast Platter.

One dish I’ve yet to master is the avocado baked egg. The bottoms of each avocado half were sliced off, pitted for the poached eggs and sat marinating in the brisket juice. I broke open the egg allowing the yolk to spill throughout the avocado. The brisket tore easily. I ripped pieces away and added them to the avocado baked egg creating a hardy concoction. The potatoes had great seasoning and were the starch needed to complete the meal.

Across the little wooden table was the classic breakfast platter that contained two eggs
scrambled, breakfast potatoes, sausage and applewood-smoked bacon with a side of pancakes. She enjoyed not having to make one of the hardest brunch decisions –  sausage or bacon? Both meats were juicy and tasty and paired perfectly with the remainder of the classic breakfast items.

It’s hard to ignore the beautiful and historic decor that matches the town, but compliments to the chef. Classics like the Meat Pie of the day and the Park Patty Melt have been reinvented by Chef Mark Goldberg’s. The plates we had that day were not only appealing to the taste, but also to the eye.

Experience the World, One Bite at a Time.

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