A Piece of Life: Mock & Co.

A unique bond is one of the premier attributes that aids in the success of the Mock & Co. label. The cohesion that Anthony Mock and Paul Bierker of Paul Michael Design have created in each of their businesses has allowed them to deliver beauty and perfection for customers in thirty-eight different countries. Anthony brings luxury and style, seeing lines and customizing to a tee. On the other hand, Paul is a visionary that pulls out the story attached to the jewelry. Together, they’ve created a bond and gained respect from the public for their unique work.

Anthony Mock has been designing jewelry for nearly 16 years and just recently moved to the Paul Michael Design studio. Prior to the Lawrenceville location, he was at his office in Squirrel Hill focusing primarily on wholesale. The jewelry guru felt he wasn’t growing at the pace he wanted and it prompted the business move. He says it’s important to him to see the production process, who’s making it, and knowing that it’s the absolute best piece the customer can get.
His start in the jewelry business came when he was working at a jewelry kiosk in the mall, where he would try to watch and imitate what his boss was doing. He became intrigued by it all and began learning more. Eventually, he got an offer from both Jared’s and Koleman’s and learned finer type jewelry.
He now has his sights set on luxurious, high-fashion pieces that still look good with your everyday outfit. All of the stones that go into the Mock & Co. pieces come from Israel and are all high-quality, natural certified diamonds and gem stones. If the customer comes to him with general ideas regarding color, detail, and type, he gets creative and turns a perfect vision into a unique treasure.

Both Anthony and Paul agree that Mock & Co. and the jewelry industry as a whole is evolving. Customers are now able to get more involved in the process whether it’s designing the ring or pouring the gold, the men at the Paul Michael Design studio create an experience instead of solely a purchase. “We’re not just selling a product,” says Paul, “We’re selling a piece of life. It’s high-contact, fully intimate jewelry.”
The perfect product begins with an idea from the customer, a vision from the designers, and technology that is changing the way we do things. Both men agree that the reason handmade now is far more than what is used to be, is thanks to technological advancements.
Much of the design work can be done through the computer, where the designers are able to draw out intimate details. In addition to creating the perfect piece of jewelry, the designers keep their doors open to customers that come in needing something fixed. While there may be some pieces that are beyond fix, Paul says if the customer is willing to take a chance, they’ll try the best they can to turn trash to treasure. After all, they admit that it’s all about taking risks, because makers are changing the world and even if they’re falling, they’re also succeeding.


Despite being considered the first company in Pittsburgh where you can see and receive a complete quality product from beginning to end, Anthony and Paul agree that their devotion to their businesses means that their family suffers. As a jeweler, or an entrepreneur in general, much of their time is dedicated to designing and coming up with new ideas. Lack of communication from excessive work takes a toll on their home life, and the pressure to balance both is not easy. Anthony recently celebrated the birth of his new child, where he had to spend time in and out of the hospital, and less time away from his source of income.
So what drives these creative designers to keep going when their sacrificing their personal life for work? The love of it. Anthony recalls times when people have shown him rings he’s made when he was seventeen years old and the longevity that his rings have keeps his passion going. Paul admires the fact that they’re giving customers something greater than they imagined possible. The jewelry that Anthony Mock and Paul Bierker create is timeless and they take pride in delivering a beautiful piece that customers can afford. Everything Anthony sells is made with detail and class the intent to deliver a lifestyle.Untitled.png
As for what lies ahead for Mock & Co., Anthony plans on furthering his business and excelling in customer satisfaction. Purple accents and royalty looking pieces with high-fashion accents and small stones are projected to be the next popular trend just in time for Christmas. Paul believes rose gold will also be in high-demand. Together, the designers aim to continue this family-like atmosphere and hope to build up the Mock & Co. label even more-gaining more exposure and growing an extensive fan base.


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