Food Truck Roundup: Blue Sparrow.

Bahn Mi.

Over the years the food we eat and take pictures of has changed and evolved. Not only has the quality, style and options have changed, but the way we get it has too. Food trucks have swept the nation and certainly taken over Pittsburgh.

You can find food trucks all over the city, but it takes some time to learn when and where to find them. Fortunately, I’m learning the lay of the land and conveniently the Blue Sparrow food truck can be found only a few blocks away from my place of work on Wednesdays outside of Redhawk Cafe in Oakland.

IMG_1788I rounded up a couple of my coworkers and we headed to the truck on Meyran Street. There was a small line forming so we huddled around the chalkboard menu scratched on the side of the truck. As we started reading, we all quickly turned to each other and read each other’s thoughts. We must order everything on the truck.

And so it began from the top of the menu with the Banh Mi. We divided the sandwich in three and dove into the pulled pork, pickled carrots, cilantro, cukes and aioli sauce. It was delicious, tender and made me sorry we split the sandwich. I needed an entire one for myself. We were off to a great start.

Next up was an interesting item. It was a burger, but not an ordinary burger. Unlike most burgers, this burger was sandwiched between fried ramen formed patties instead of a typical bun. This fine craftsmanship was perfectly assembled and made for a fine substitute. In addition to the ramen, the burger was topped with onion jam, pickled cabbage and choy. I was surprised how well the noodle bun stayed together, in addition to its flavor.IMG_1790

The next sandwich to taste test was the grilled kim-cheese. Made on sourdough, the sandwich packs mozzarella and cheddar cheese in addition to kimchi. This one might not have looked like much, but the kimchi filled the sandwich with a tremendous about of flavor. If you like kimchi, then I’d recommend this one for you.

We ended the meal with tacos. We ordered one of each – potato tikka masala, pork bulgogi and the thai peanut chicken. They were each tasty in their own way, but I really enjoyed the hint to peanuts with the chicken taco.

IMG_1791The only item we didn’t order was the dippy egg that can be topped onto anything, but is recommended for the Banh Mi.

As I mentioned, it’s sometimes tricky to find food trucks, but the Blue Sparrow Instagram account is a helpful tool (@BlueSparrowPgh). On this account not only can you enjoy pictures of their gorgeous cuisine, but you can locate their weekly schedule. Typically you can find the birdy at:

Redhawk  Cafe- Wednesdays from 11-2pm
Commonplace Cafe in the Mexican War Streets –  Thursday 11-2pm
The Dancing Gnome Brewery – Thursday 5-10pm
Espresso a mano – Tuesday 11-2pm

Jump on the food truck train.

Experience Pittsburgh, One Bite at a Time.

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