Asia Meets Squirrel Hill: Silk Elephant.

Thai restaurants can be found all across Pittsburgh, but not all of them specialize in tapas and wine in addition to having beautiful and traditional decor like Silk Elephant.IMG_1701

Wood paneling flows down from the kitchen bar and wooden windows divide the tables around the restaurant. Elephant carvings are engraved in the wooden beams and every chair is a cherry wood with a flowery design flowing in red fabric.

We were seated by one of the wooden window dividers with red tucked napkins at each place setting. I untucked the tightly folded napkin, placed it on my lap and opened the menu. It was a huge menu, so I took my time perusing each section. I decided I wanted to sample a little bit of everything.IMG_1703

To start my Thai adventure, I dove into the Thai pumpkin soup. It was hearty, smooth and creamy. The celery and nuts added a great change of texture to the soup. It warmed me from the inside out and took me back to fall with its strong pumpkin taste. It was a great start to my three-course meal.

Silk Elephant offers a hefty amount of tapas options of daring tastes with beautiful presentation that are great for sharing with friends. However, tonight I was doing all of the ordering and eating for one.IMG_1705

My next course was from the meat section of the menu – the rack of lamb. Two juicy slabs of marinated lamb ribs with a delicate drizzle of green curry house made sauce paired with fresh shredded vegetables on the side. Before I knew it, I was down to the bone getting every last drop. My only complaint is there was very little meat on the bone for only receiving two ribs. It was delicious nonetheless.

To end my feast I dove into the moo and goong steamed dumplings. Three fat dumplings stuffed with minced pork and shrimp served with a ginger sesame soy sauce sat on my plate. I sliced one in half and dunked it in the sauce. It had a strong ginger taste and enhanced the pork and shrimp flavor.IMG_1702

My meal was ending, but my friend graciously also shared her meal with me. I sampled one of her Thai crab crowns. The deep fried wonton skin was crispy on the outside but snap off a corner and find the creamy crab meat and cream cheese on the inside. It was definitely a step up from your typical crab rangoons down the street.

Her main course was the pad Thai. She gave me a bite of the narrow stir fried noodles that were tossed with shrimp, egg, green onion and crushed peanuts. It was slightly sweet and nutty with a splash of spice and temperature.IMG_1704

In addition to their extensive menu, Silk Elephant also serves Sunday brunch from 10 am – 3 pm. Enjoy an early meal with a Thai spin of sweet, sour, salty and herbal flavors. If you want an authentic Thai meal, this is the place for you.

Experience Pittsburgh, One Bite at a Time.

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