Try Something New: Tres Rios.

There’s a new taco place in town and it’s called Tres Rios – translation: three rivers.  A great name, describing a great city, serving some great tacos.

Located in the Southside, the kitchen and tequila bar is new to the city, only opening its doors about a month ago. Inspired by Mexico and Pittsburgh, the decor embodies designs by Andy Warhol and Hispanic culture.img_1577

Although known for their tequila, I opted for a Pittsburgh beer and selected none other than the Hala Kahiki Rivertowne brew. I wanted the pineapple beverage to pair with the pineapple I was about to order.

I scanned over the appetizers and the shrimp ceviche description caught my eye. It’s a dish served cold with zesty lime-cured shrimp on a bed of creamy sweet potato puree tossed with avocado, pico de gallo, cilantro and radishes. I took a spoonful and added a combination of everything on a tortilla chip – the avocado was creamy and the pineapple added a great citrus taste. I really liked each element, but wished there was more puree. It was hidden at the bottom and really added a nice flavor. Also, I know the dish is meant to be served cold, but I think adding a little heat would have made the dish more desirable.

Barbacoa tacos.

Now it’s taco time! After much deliberation, I ordered the barbacoa, aka slowly cooked and seasoned lamb. Filled in a semi-soft shell was Mexican spiced marinated leg of lamb slow roasted and shredded tossed in our chile sauce and topped with jicama slaw. The lamb was delicious and the sauce really pulled it all together. On the side was cilantro rice and charred tomatillo salsa. The sauce had an interesting kick and the rice was a nice additional topper.

My friend selected the pork belly tacos. In a corn tortilla taco was a chunk of braised pork belly pan-seared and tossed with a tamarind chile paste topped jicama slaw and grilled pineapple. The tacos come three at a time. I swapped one of my lamb tacos for a pork belly. I enjoyed the pork belly, but half of the taco was filled with the jicama slaw, which was a tad overwhelming. In case you were wondering, jicama is a Mexican yam bean or turnip that had a slight apple-like taste.

During the hours of 4-6pm, Monday thru Friday, enjoy several drink and food specials. You have:

-$2 off draft beerimg_2176

-$4 off glass house wine

-$6 Hornitos top shelf margarita – rocks only

-$6 Yucca bowl, empanadas and guacamole

– $7 tacos

By the time I finished my last taco, I was stuffed. An appetizer and an order of tacos seem to be the way to go. I enjoyed the colorful decor, helpful staff and of course the Mexican food. A solid addition to Carson Street.

Experience Pittsburgh, One Bite at a Time.

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