Prestigious Residential Design by Greg E. Betant

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A passion for building “Lego” homes as a young boy leads into a career creating luxury residential designs.
Greg always wanted to design beautiful homes with sight line vision, a design technique which gives an unobstructed line-of-sight between an observer and a point of reference. He also wanted to use state of the art finishes and curb appeal, while showcasing his designs and craftsmanship throughout the home. Today, he has proudly taken over 2500 client’s dreams and designed them into masterpiece custom homes.
Greg’s home designs range from 2,000 to 20,000 sq. feet. Each project starts with the client’s dream, lifestyle, and wish list. Greg turns their vision into a designer’s blueprint, and works with the builder to construct the ultimate luxury home. His artistic work includes: residential blueprint designs, renovations, builder spec homes, interior design, outdoor living space, pool houses, and home staging.


Greg’s personal 6000 sq. ft. estate home serves as a showcase for clients to experience his design techniques, attention to detail, and perfection in creating a beautiful interior and exterior of each home. Greg’s core focus is evident throughout his home. The beautiful enhancement of room design, the ease of traffic flow, and the decorative finishes allow the clients to appreciate his attention to detail and dedication to creating their custom showcase home.
Greg enjoys to travel, but finds living in his luxurious home with his beloved Lola, a Bernese mountain dog, is a vacation. He collects cars, art, watches, wine, and enjoys dining out. You may spot Greg at “Pittsburgh Cars and Coffee” or dining at one of his favorite spots.
Leaving his stunning estate we had to ask, if a client offered to purchase your home furnished, would you sell it? Greg smiled and said, “I always love designing a new home, why not a new one for myself.”

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