Try Something New: M&J Bistro.

img_1418Restaurant week was coming to a close, but we wanted to get our “last meal” if you will. I scanned the list online and there were a couple intriguing lunch specials, but M&J Bistro’s menu was the standout. I had never heard of the place before, but we decided to give it a try.img_1419

Located in the South Side, the bistro only opened up about a month ago – hence why I had never heard of the restaurant before. Their cuisine style is Asian fusion and they offer a beautiful cocktail bar. Above the bar is a breathtaking skyline photo of Pittsburgh that we had a perfect view of from our booth.

The place has a very modern feel with modern artwork to match. The booths are divided very intimately with several undertone blue lights. It was a very different and sophisticated feel compared to many of the restaurants on Carson Street.

There was no need for a menu today, the reason for our voyage was to indulge on the restaurant week menu. Today we were offered three courses for the incredible and witty price of $20.17.

Crab Rangoons.

Before we even could put in our order, a basket of complimentary taro chips was brought to the table. Made from the taro root, these giant, crispy chips were layered in spices and had a serious bite. We were off to a great start.

For our first course, I selected the crab rangoons. Four flaky rangoons filled with crab and cream cheese sitting in a cashew cilantro chili sauce. The rangoons were already had a creamy and crunchy delicious taste, but the sauce really kicked them up a notch. I used every last drop from my plate.img_1421

Beside me, my friend ordered the popcorn shrimp with a creamy sweet, spicy sauce on the side. His plate was filled with shrimp and each of those little guys tasted fresh and flavorful – again the sauce brought it home.

Now for the second course. We had the option between General Tso’s and the Asian chicken taco, but we all ordered the general to the table.

Paired with white rice and garnished with greens, each bite of the General Tso’s was great. It was hard to believe the meal wasn’t even over.

General Tso’s.

Lastly, for dessert there was only one option, but it was the best option – Passion Fruit Creme Brûlée. Now I’ve had creme brûlée, but never passion fruit creme brûlée and I’ve had good creme brûlée but not like this.

Served in a shallow pan, it provided the perfect depth for the dish. Perfectly glazed on top and perfectly sweet inside, I added the sauce on the side for some extra texture. The plate was beautiful and tasted even better than it looked.

I took a second to breathe from devouring my meal and noticed the waitress carrying something interesting to the next table over. It was a plate of sushi with a small beautiful tree for decor on the side. Now that was cool.img_1425

Unfortunately, the restaurant is so new, that they don’t have a website and online menu just yet, but I’m sure they’re working on it.

Tucked in the payment book along with the bill was a coupon for $5.00 off of my next meal at M&J Bistro. How sweet. It looks like I’ll be visiting again soon.

Experience Pittsburgh, One Bite at a Time.

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