DiAnoia’s Eatery – Lunch.

Limg_1387ast week you sat down with me for a lovely brunch at DiAnoia’s Eatery. This week we’re going back for lunch. Same great place – new menu.

It was a special occasion. It was my friend’s birthday lunch and we wanted to branch out from our usual spots in Oakland for this one. DiAnoia’s was a new one for the group, but I promised they wouldn’t be disappointed.

img_1391I rolled in with a sizable crew and quickly snagged a menu to scan the options. The lunch menu has an assortment of paninis, pizza, hot and cold deli items. Several of the paninis sounded appealing and decided on the prosciutto panini. It was a fresh eight-inch bun filled with prosciutto, thick slices of fresh mozzarella, arugula, EVO and balsamic. What is EVO sauce? It’s delicious is what it is, but also an olive oil. In addition to the sandwich, I ordered a chai tea from the cafe. It honestly had the perfect amount of foam, was at the perfect temperature and tasted exactly how a chair latte should.

The Italiano with Mozzarella and Lentil and Crab Soup.

Beside me was the meatball sandwich in a red sauce and quattro formaggio, but hold the cheese for my lactose intolerant friend. She paired her sandwich with the brussel sprouts. Now she said the sandwich was good, but let’s talk about these brussel sprouts. These sprouts were shredded and immersed in melted taleggio cheese, lemon vinaigarette and some toasted almonds for a little crunch. Each bite had an immense about of flavor and I loved the creamy texture.

Another dish at the table that is typically pretty simple, but not at DiAnoia’s Eatery is the roasted cauliflower. In this dish were cooked roasted cauliflower mixed with ricotta and pesto for that creamy flavor again and pine nuts for another texture. They had done it again – a vegetable dish done in a creative way with a huge taste.

My other couple friends ordered the Italiano, except one upgraded and added some of their delicious mozzarella. This tasty sandwich included prosciutto, genoa salami, soppressata, ham, lettuce, tomato, onion, EVO and spicy pepper cherry relish. This was a full sandwich and full of salty meats and flavor.

img_1394On the side was the soup of the day – the lentil and crab soup. Served in a giant coffee mug, the soup warmed my insides and had a great taste.

We didn’t order the pizza, but at the other end of the community table was a pizza that appeared to have pepperoni, bacon and extra cheese. I stared in awe, wishing they would offer me a slice. It smelled amazing and was quickly added to my list of items to try there – too many great looking options for just one visit.

Experience Pittsburgh, One Bite at a Time

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