Try Something New: DiAnoia’s Eatery – Brunch.


This month we’re going to try something different. This month, one visit just wasn’t enough. This week I take you to DiAnoia’s Eatery for brunch and next week we’re doing lunch.

New to Pittsburgh, DiAnoia’s opened its doors this past November in the Strip District. Soon after its opening, I came across some delicious-looking photos on Instagram. The more photos that I double tapped “like” the more I wanted to visit this eatery.

The owners, Dave Anoia and Aimee DiAndrea, were inspired to open their restaurant after visiting Italy several times. Many of the dishes were influenced by the food they ate and the decor from the things they saw there. They believe that many of their menu items are unique to the area and fall into the category of comfort food.

Available only on Sunday, DiAnoia’s opens its doors for brunch. The eatery has several menus – breakfast, café, deli, dinner, vino, cocktails and brunch. These several menus are needed due to the restaurant is more of a 3-in-1 type of full-service place. They function as a restaurant, pastry shop and coffee/cocktail bar.img_1437

Now let me give you the run down. First – reservations. If you call by phone, you might be informed that they do not take reservations, but if you go online to their page, you can make a reservation through yelp. Just good things to know.

Second, if you’re dropping by for a pastry, just pick one out from behind the glass and pay at the counter. If you’d like a coffee or cocktail, take a gander at the bar specials and menu on the counter, place your order and take a seat at the bar.

We were there for a little more than drinks and pastries, so we met with the hostess and she gladly sat us in the corner along the wall-size window view.

Within minutes our waiter was by our side with a water carafe, glasses and menus in hand. We took a quick glance at the menus as he was pouring water and put in some drink orders – two mimosas and a classic coffee, please.

The European Breakfast.

Now I realize the recipe to a mimosa is very simple, but there is a perfect balance with the orange juice and champagne ratio and this place has got it! Not too simple that you feel like you’re only drinking juice and not too strong that it loses its great taste – the perfect balance.

The same could be said about my friends coffee. A simple beverage, but had a great taste to it. An easy beverage to make, but done with care.

You’ll find several intriguing options on the menu. I went back and forth between the prosciutto eggs benedict and the breakfast pizza, but once I saw the eggs benedict arrive at the table across from us, I was sold on that dish.

Fresh prosciutto, creamed spinach and poached eggs sat between two halves of an English muffin covered in the most delicious hollandaise sauce with potatoes on the side. The potatoes were seasoned wisely and completed the breakfast.

Across the pond or the table rather was the European breakfast that was served on a wooden slab. Across the board were cured meats, cheeses, yogurt, a hard boiled egg, cornetti and fruit to top it off. It’s a great option if you desire a little bit of everything for breakfast and looked beautiful displayed on the wooden board.img_1440

Last up was the Americana breakfast which typically contains two eggs any style, pancetta, bagel bun and potatoes, but our waiter was happy to make it a little more low-carb friendly and traded out the bagel and potatoes for fruit. The pancetta was salty as it should and combined well with the eggs and potatoes.

The food, atmosphere and company were so pleasant before we knew it three hours had flown by. Tune in next week to hear what’s my lunch at DiAnoia’s Eatery.

 Experience Pittsburgh, One Bite at a Time.

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