Creativity and Faith in Full Bloom

Bloom Home Market

By Amanda Allis

A person can be considered blessed in life for many reasons. Beauty, intelligence, creativity, in love and with success just to name a few. Rebecca Caimano – the owner of the new chic boutique Bloom Home Market in McMurray – has been blessed in more ways than one can count. And all of these blessings she attributes to her family
and her faith.

Right to Left: Rebecca Caimano (owner), Sarah Caimano, and Denise Cargill

Rebecca has long dreamt of starting her own furniture and accessories boutique. But it seemed that each time she would consider starting it that there were things in her personal life that were more pressing and required her full and undivided attention. The most important of which being her husband and her five beautiful children.
In April 2016, those years of dreaming and planning for her future finally came to fruition when Bloom Home Market finally opened its doors. Rebecca feels that this was the right time and that she was led there not only through the urging and undeniable support of her family, but also through her faith in God. Her faith played a large role in her choosing the name Bloom Home Market. During the brainstorming stages of business planning she kept having the phrase “bloom where you are planted” come to mind. She felt as though God had put that into her mind and that it was finally time for her to open her business and allow it its full potential to bloom. Thus the store was named.
When you enter Bloom Home Market you will find an amazing mélange of items for sale. The dominant of these being her phenomenal furniture pieces. Rebecca has always had a knack for purchasing previously loved items at flea markets and church rummage sales and while on a shoestring budget creating pieces that look like they are off the pages of a magazine.

“So blessed to be working at Bloom
Home Market. It is a dream come true
to be doing what I love and with such
a lovely person as Rebecca.”
– Denise Cargill

That is part of what she hopes to offer to others at her shop, all the while keeping the prices low so that they are attainable by everyone. She also helps people to re-purpose items that they already own and will even teach them to do it themselves. Her goal is to help not only her business to bloom, but also to help others bloom in the process. One common theme that you will find with Rebecca is her commitment to helping others. Within the business she is able to do that through several different avenues.First off she buys many of her pieces at the Washington City Mission Shops. By purchasing items there, she first and foremost is donating to the mission.

She also has been asked by Resurrection Power which is a Christian organization that currently has two men’s homes and one women’s home to help those in recovery, to decorate their next women’s home. She will again do this with pieces that she has upcycled and many of which she has purchased through the Mission shop.
Within the shop itself she has gorgeous jewelry for sale that is made by Village Artisan Fair Trade the proceeds of which go towards empowering people to be able to provide for their families and to get them out of human trafficking.
Giving back to others is one of her core beliefs. At the shop itself you will see a many pieces that are French country, European and farmhouse style with a modern twist to make them look fresh and new. All the while still maintaining the pieces’ original style. Many of her pieces are solid, well made antique finds that have survived through generations and will far into the future. She loves to look for items that have unique architectural details that you may not find in modern construction and to bring them back to their former glory.

Bloom Home Market has so much more to offer than just furniture and jewelry. She has also started to carry a large selection of topiaries and fresh plants. She hopes to stock more florals as the store grows as well. There are many great things on the horizon for Rebecca and Bloom Home Market.

To stay posted as to store happenings please visit the website at or at their Facebook page at

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