Lunch Break: Thin Man Sandwich Shop

It was a Sunday Funday. We attended the Wigle apple cider event and sniffed and sipped some of Pittsburgh’s finest whiskey from our flights. If you’re wondering, the seasonal apple cider whiskey was my favorite. The whiskey was great, but now our bellies also craved nourishment – it craved food. Just a few blocks away and around the corner was the Thin Man Sandwich Shop – just what we needed.

The creative sandwich shop can be found in the strip and is owned by Dan and Sherri Leiphart. Together with their team they manage and create fine dining sandwiches. The duo has worked in the restaurant business for over 30 years and continues to bring creativity and great taste to the table. Thanks to their neighbors in the Strip District, the Thin Man uses products from local farms and suppliers.

Il Bastardo.

It’s a small place. Just a few steps in and you’re already at the front counter. Look to the left and see the menu filled with the signature and seasonal sammies. They all sounded great, but I thought I better start with the shop favorites. One of those favorites is the Il Bastardo.

The main level is more for pickup and less for sit-down eating so we headed up the narrow staircase to the upper level. A handful of tables stood with large windows to the left that overlooks the strip.

Sandwiched between olive focaccia bread was mortadella, runny fried egg and American cheese. The bread was very flavorful and light – each bite egg swam throughout the sandwich. It all combined swimmingly with the mortadella. I understand why the Bastardo is a signature sandwich.

The Smash.

My friend also selected one of the signature sandwiches –  the Smash. In a multigrain baguette was goat milk marinated organic chicken breast, avocado, sprouts and lemon pickled green onion. The avocado was ground down to a paste and mixed well throughout the rest of the sandwich. The baguette was very fresh and she appreciated the organic chicken.

Thin Man uses a lot of local products for their sandwiches as well as with their beverages. In the cooler are several different types of “pop” including a house-made infusion using seltzer water from the Pittsburgh Seltzer Works.

The sandwiches are delicious, but I know sometimes you just can’t get off your butt and get to a restaurant so delivery seems to be the only answer. Usually, the food you want does not have the delivery option, but Thin Man does not fall into that category. Thanks to the sandwiches you desire can be delivered to your front door. Hallelujah.

In addition to delivery, Thin Man also caters. This includes canapes to party size sandwiches, dips and spreads. Make any luncheon or party complete with some sandwiches that kick it up a notch.

Experience Pittsburgh, One Bite at a Time.



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