Cultured Cuisine: Cafe Moulin.

We had been talking about it for weeks. We wanted lunch and we wanted crepes for lunch. A recommendation was given – we were headed to Cafe Moulin.

Near the only parking lot in Shadyside, take a few steps down into a basement venue. The restaurant formally known as Crepes Parisiennes, has walls made of stone and tables made of dark wood. A large clock in the corner imprinted in the center “Antiquite de Paris” overlooks the restaurant.

Now for the great debate – Sweet or Savory?… Savory or Sweet?

But why should we decide? Why not have it all? So we joined forces with a lunch buddy and all decided to order a savory crepe and share a sweet crepe with a friend.

img_0485Our waiter was a cool dude. He was a funny guy and even courteous enough to entertain and laugh at our jokes.

The spinach and feta cheese crepe caught my eye. Baby spinach, feta and bechamel sauce sat inside a light and flaky crepe. For a little extra, I added eggs and bacon. A fresh spring greens salad with a house French vinaigrette sat on the side. The eggs added some extra sustenance to the crepe and a great texture and the bacon sat on top – crispy and delicious. It honestly was one of the best savory crepes I’ve ever had. The salad was also very refreshing and a nice balance with the crepe.

The crepe was pretty sizable, along with the addition of egg, it filled me up more than I expected. I had made the correct decision to share dessert.img_0486

My friend and I selected the Super Belgium, which is one of the most popular items on the sweet menu. This sweet thang contained Belgium cookie spread inside and topped with strawberries, banana, chocolate service and whip cream on the side and sprinkles of powdered sugar.

The cookie spread tasted just like the delicious speculous spread from Squirrel Hill and Oakland’s Waffleonia or the cookie spread from Trader Joes.

Across the table was Hallie Berry. No, no not the celebrity, but I also hear she is very sweet. I’m talking about the crepe filled with nutella and topped with strawberries, chocolate syrup and whip cream. I heard lots of “mmhmm’s” around the table. It’s safe to say that everyone was satisfied.img_0488

For those that enjoy ordering in, you’ll be pleased to hear that Cafe Moulin is also on GrubHub. Their menu is great for any time of day and one of the few dessert options on the GrubHub menu. Take advantage of the possibilities.

Just in time for the rustic leaf and cardigan weather season is the Feel Good Fall Crepe. The dessert contains caramelized apples, pumpkin cookie butter and topped with cinnamon whipped cream.

Whether you’re looking for lunch, dessert or both, Cafe Moulin can satisfy your craving.

Experience Pittsburgh, One Bite at a Time.

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