Team up to Stop Bullying

“Olweus [Anti-Bullying Program] provides the scholars at our school with the tools needed to stand up to bullying no matter where they are at.”
– DaLynn Moore, President, 5th grade

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While education is an essential part of growing up, school can be an intimidating place. Not only are students focusing on getting good grades and meeting parents’ performance requests, but they are added into a school system where there is pressure from both the classroom and students in it.

Mishelle Rayburg, a Kindergarten teacher at Penn Hills Charter School recalls dealing with the bullying of one of her students:

“As a Kindergarten teacher, I spend a lot of days reflecting on my life as a child. I went to school, had great friends, and made good grades, but never once did I fear going to school the way that one of my former students did. I remember the day vividly. It was recess one October day and I had just blown my whistle to line up. I was taking role and noticed I was missing one child. The child was nowhere to be found. My heart pounded out of my chest as I feared something terrible had happened. I frantically ran throughout the playground until, finally, I heard the sound of a child crying. The bright, spunky, intelligent child that came to school every day with a smile on her face was hidden inside of the tunnel slide sobbing and I had no idea.

After talking to this child, she had shared with me that she had been bullied every single day on the bus before school, in the bathroom, in the lunchroom, and outside on the playground. Kids were ruthless. They teased and tormented this child calling her “ugly, fat, and stupid” amongst many other terrible things. This five year old tried to deal with the pain on her own until one day she had broken down. Her parents had no idea, her friends had no idea, and I as her teacher had no idea. I was left heartbroken and thought to myself “how did I not know this was happening?” It was from this incident I knew I needed to make a difference and put forth my best effort to put an end to bullying. Over the past few years, bullying has become the most serious issue faced by children and teens today. With this incident, I have made it my goal to spread the word and gain community support to put an end to bullying.”

To make sure this issue never occurred again in their school, Ms. Rayburg and fellow teachers implemented the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program.

(OBPP) reduces bullying in elementary, middle and junior high schools. The OBPP is not a curriculum, but a program that deals with bullying at the school-wide, classroom, individual, and community levels.

The OBPP is the most researched and best-known bullying prevention program available. It is utilized in schools all across the world. This research-based program reduces bullying in schools. It also helps to make school a safe and more positive place where students can learn.

Program Goals:

  • To reduce existing bullying problems among students.
  • To prevent the development of new bullying problems.
  • To achieve better peer relations at school.

Penn Hills Charter School of Entrepreneurship’s ultimate goal is to provide a safer and more inclusive learning environment for ALL students. Our school has implemented the OBPP because we are striving to create an environment that promotes the best education for each and every student.

Anti-Bullying Rally held at Penn Hills Charter School featuring Josh and Gab

Visit our community of sponsors who continue to make it all possible

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