Pittsburgh Events: Pittsburgher Burger Bash

Burgers in the Burgh: The Pittsburgher Burger Bash Takes Place This Weekend

By Allison Glatsky
If you’re still on that summer beach body diet: this weekend is the time to call it off. The ever-so-popular Pittsburgher 2016 Burger Bash returns once again this year with over 3,000 burger and beer lovers.  

The event takes place each year as celebrity guest judges, culinary professionals, and local vendors come together to present the public with gooey, greasy goodness. You may have to be 21 or older to get a ticket, but these people don’t discriminate when it comes to burgers. If you’re craving anything from sweet and savory, to spicy or tangy, you’ll find everything to suit your palette at this weekend’s event.

If you were already convinced from the time you heard “burger” like I was; $40.00 will get you a burger ticket which includes admission, food samples, the chance to win prizes, and beer discounts. For an extra $10.00 you’ll also be guaranteed a T-shirt.

Come and grab samples from this year’s participants including Bill’s Bar and Burger, Day La Soul Catering, Pig Iron Public house, and plenty more. Then quench your thirst by using your Blue Moon and Kettle One specials included in the admission.

If for some reason you’re trying to stay away from burgers, definitely don’t check out The Pittsburgher web page with past photos of delicious looking burgers. Or if you’re feeling dangerous- check it out at here.

See you at South Side Works at 2pm on Saturday. Lets indulge!

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