Grub Around the Grid: Sienna on the Square.

It was our night out on the town with theater tickets in hand to see South Pacific at the Benedum and a reservation for Sienna on the Square. We were running a bit late, but gave the restaurant a buzz and they were happy to hold our table as long as we needed.

IMG_0142The restaurant had a modern feel with dim lighting. The walls and tables were earth tones and it gave off that intimate, up-scale Italian setting with the impressive bar overlooking our table.

Sienna has proved it’s excellence in the past winning Best New Restaurant in 2014 and listed as “Best Restaurant 2015 and 2016” by Pittsburgh Magazine. Not only is the restaurant award-winning, but their chef Mathew Porco is as well.

Chicken Liver Mousse.

After we were seated our waitress quickly greeted us and gave us the specials in delicious detail. The appetizer specials sounded alright, but I really wanted the mozzarella stuffed veal meatballs. Veal, pork, beef balls dressed in toasted pine nuts, parmesan and marinara. The balls were a little pink the center, but delicious none-the-less.

Despite my skepticism, my friend placed an order for the chicken liver mousse. On a black slab arrived a jelly and chocolate-like substance with several pieces of grilled Tuscan bread on the side. I examined the rose gelee, pistachio and liver mousse.

There’s just something about consuming organs I don’t find appealing, but I grabbed a piece of  bread and spread a little bit of the mousse and jelly on top. At first it had the chocolate-like taste that it resembled, but then a very gamey taste set-in. It just wasn’t for me. My friend enjoyed it much more, but admitted it had a little bit too much of an after taste even for him.

IMG_0146The Tuscan toast did not go to waste though because I used every last drop of the white bean puree butter that came with the table bread. The spread included rosemary olive oil and lemon and was out of this world.

Thankfully our waitress was very attentive and took our entree order along with the appetizers to speed up the process in order for us to make our show.

Linguine Carbonara.

We may not have ordered any of the appetizer specials, but the duck ravioli definitely caught my group’s eye. All three of them jumped at the special, but I didn’t give into peer pressure and ordered the linguine carbonara. I knew I could snag a bite or two of theirs, so might as well get the best of both worlds.

The carbonara was great. Juicy pancetta, peas, pecorino romano, black pepper and poached egg danced together in the dish. I cut open the egg and yolk seeped throughout the pasta.

The carbonara was awesome, but I think the duck was even better. The ravioli was delicious and dressed in a tasty cauliflower sauce mixed with sun chokes and corn. The taste reminded us of an up-scale, traditional corn and mashed tomatoes meal like grandma used to make.

Over at Sienna all of their pasta is made in-house and extra detail is taken for each dish. From the décor to the service, everything was top-notch and a great meal.

Experience Pittsburgh, One Bite at a Time.

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