Grub Around the Grid: Juniper Grill

I wouldn’t typically call Murrysville my neck of the woods, but Juniper Grill’s Instagram account reeled me in. Week after week, I saw mouth-watering posts of dinners and desserts. I’ve never taken notice of such appetizing food in Murrysville before. That’s probably because Juniper is only about a year old, and Murrysville isn’t exactly known for its fine dining.

IMG_0061However, one Monday afternoon my friend from Greensburg called me up for dinner and Murrysville happens to be the half way mark from Pittsburgh. Here was my chance to bring the Instagram account alive and in my belly.

I made a reservation for 7p.m. and the host promptly seated us to our table upon arrival. The place had a nice vibe. It was a cozy, yet modern atmosphere.

Our friendly waitress Tracey, read us the specials and gave us the rundown of the restaurant. She noted that Juniper was known for their brisket and praised the fish tacos. Both were intriguing options, but we decided to focus on placing an appetizer order first.

The spicy shrimp flatbread with roasted poblano, pineapple and Montgomery jack really caught my eye. I looked to my friend for approval and it was granted. We ordered the app along with a couple of drinks. I felt like keeping the pineapple coming so I ordered the Rivertowne Hala Kahiki. That beverage is just the perfect combination of fruit and beer.

Angus Brisket Sandwich.

Although we ordered a couple drafts, Juniper specializes in fresh squeezed juice margaritas, sipping tequilas and an extensive wine list that feature 50 wines by the bottle and over 30 by the glass.

The Cajun seared flatbread was delicious. Broken up in several easy to eat bites, the pineapple paired beautifully with the shrimp creating an enjoyable juicy flavor.

We were off to a great start.

When it came time to order the main courses we decided that Tracey had convinced us – it had to be the brisket sandwich and fish tacos.

The sandwich contained all natural Angus BBQ’s brisket with lettuce, tomatoes and horseradish sauce on the side.
The meat was very tender and had a favorable smoky taste to it. I drizzled a little horseradish sauce on top that added some texture. I loved the meal, but think I would have preferred the brisket entree smeared in BBQ sauce on top of Yukon golden mashed potatoes. As good as the sandwich was, I felt like it kind of took away from the meat.

They fish tacos were colorful and quite large containing three shells filled with grilled Cajun style fish, lettuce,
tomato, mango salsa, spicy sauce and sour cream. The tacos were very flavorful and came with drunken black beans and rice on the side. They typically come as a pair, but if you’re looking to upgrade, you can get another plentiful taco for just an extra dollar.

All of the meals are prepared from scratch with high-quality products at Juniper. The American cuisine restaurant had a colorful menu, welcoming service and most importantly great grub.

Experience Pittsburgh, One Bite at a Time.

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