Lost in Lawrenceville: Coca Cafe.

I need to start off with some disappointing news.

I experienced some phone issues last week, resulting in all of my photos from my dining experience to be deleted. I will leave this piece of advice for you though, if you like your iPhone, don’t try something new, stick with iPhone. Don’t make the same horrible mistake.

However, I feel I must provide you with some type of mouth-watering illustrations, so with the assistance of yelp, please enjoy a few dishes I did not try but are on my list to devour.

After my failed attempt last week to eat lunch at Coca Cafe, this week I was successful. I grabbed a friend at work and we headed to Lawrenceville on our lunch break. We arrived unfortunately with the lunch rush. We thought we might have a bit of a wait, but thankfully a two-person table in the back opened up minutes later so we snagged the table. We looked at each other in agreement that it turned out to be a good thing that several of our co-workers turned us down to join.

The restaurant had fun decor and several paintings throughout the tiny place. It became apparent that the restaurant used to be some type of housing by the layout of the place and the closed window panes that separated our table from the kitchen. The back room appeared to be an extension of the house and also led to some cute outdoor seating.

Many of the table tops had that faded color zigzag design you find in diners and but different table types and chairs could be found all over the place.cc

After scoping out the online menu, we agreed that we needed to start our lunch with the cheese plate. However, when we looked at the clipboard menu in the restaurant, no cheese plate was to be found. We needed some answers so I inquired with the waitress about the cheese plate’s whereabouts. Apparently, they change their menu seasonally and the cheese plate was no longer on the menu.

We were disappointed but selected the avocado toast to take its place. It arrived on a trendy black slab and looked like a great healthy snack. Smeared over whole wheat toast, the avocado mash and  local honey tasted sweet and fresh. Each bite seemed to have a peppered kick and I enjoyed dipping the toast into the extra drizzled honey on the slab.

For my main course, I selected the chicken sandwich. But this wasn’t your typical chicken sandwich – this one included brie, granny smith apples and fig jam on challah. I know the combination sounds a little odd, but the sweetness of the jam worked perfectly with the cheese and the apples and chicken provided a needed texture. Accompanied with a green side salad, I really enjoyed it.

My lunch buddy decided upon the zucchini and squash ribbon salad. Noodles of zucchini and squash combined with baby kale, roasted cherry tomatoes, basil pesto and Reggiano. She contemplated adding salmon, but we agreed the $5 addition was a little steep. However, aside from protein up charges, the prices are pretty fair for each meal. The salad didn’t need the protein though, it was delicious regardless.

Although we got lunch, the restaurant is known for the brunch. Great looking plates passed by of French toast, potatoes, eggs and bacon, as brunch is still available during lunch.

Below are some of the items that passed me by and are on my to-try list for my next visit.

Experience Pittsburgh, One Bite at a Time.


wild musheroom omemlet and hash browns
Wild Mushroom Omlet and Hasbrowns
griddle corn cakes with vanilla butter
Griddle Corn Cakes with Vanilla Butter
goats cheese biscuit with mush gravy, asparagus and eggs
Goat Cheese Biscuit with Mushroom Gravy, Asparagus, and Eggs

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