Lost in Lawrenceville: Kaleidoscope Cafe

Experience Pittsburgh, One Bite at a Time.

By Stacy Skiavo
Kaleidoscope Cafe Outside Mural

Blocks down the road, away from the hustle and bustle of Butler Street is a mural of colors. On the corner of 43rd Street discover Kaleidoscope Cafe. A restaurant found in the middle of Lawrenceville housing, it stands out with its colorful design wrapped around two sides of the building.

Before we walked inside, we risked our lives and stepped in the middle of the street to snap a few photos of the beautiful building. You’re welcome people. I risk my life so you don’t have to.

The restaurant appeared to have been an old home and with a few modifications transformed into the restaurant it is today. The colorful design carried inside with cloth designs displayed from each wall. It was a cute joint.

To my surprise, the place was pretty slow at the time, but I suspect they might get more business around lunchtime than dinner. Less wait for me, as my guest and I strolled right in and got the table of our choice.

We decided to share everything and select two small plates and a sandwich. First up to the

Deep Fried Gnocchi

plate was the deep-fried gnocchi. Served with marinara and topped with loads of Romano cheese, each morsel was warm and delicious. Fried to perfection, with a great doughy center, I kid you not, these gnocchi bites were gone in about 3 minutes.

Next up was the gyro, typically served with tuna, but we changed it up and ordered it with chicken instead. Seared with oregano and kosher salt on a soft pita combined with spring mix, tomato, cucumber, onion and a cucumber sauce on the side the gyro had a great taste. I enjoyed the sauce on the side and the lack of grease from the sandwich.

Last but not least was the sauté of chicken apple sausage. This one was my favorite. A dish sautéed with apple, red onion, and walnut in a spicy maple-rum sauce topped with melted brie and a mixed berry coulis. It sounds strange, I know – fruit, nuts and sausage, how could that work? Well, it does and it does beautifully. The sweet maple sauce combined with the juicy sausage and great texture of the walnuts was perfect. I highly

Chicken Gyro

recommend this one.

The restaurant is known for its unique dishes. Voted the city’s “Best-Kept Secret” by Pittsburgh Magazine in 2012, Chef Dan’s goal is to create interesting flavor combinations by using classic techniques. A noted dish (that I almost ordered, but was too stuffed by the third course) the duck cannoli, is slow roasted with a white chocolate cardamom burre-blanc sauce inside a crispy cannoli shell. An interesting combo that the people question, but then keep coming back for.

Since it’s opening in 2010, the place has been cranking out scrumptious American cuisine, original options and a BYOB dining experience.

Experience Pittsburgh, One Bite at a Time.

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