Style Q & A with Pittsburgh’s Image Consultant, Bear Brandegee


UntitledDescribe the evolution of your career from working in corporate America—to dressing others for it.

As a teen I was fascinated with the branding power of fashion. In my own 20— year marketing career I dressed to mirror the highest level women in my industry. Dressing my message boosted my confidence. I felt powerful and I was. Armed with decades of corporate branding experi­ence, an MBA and a fashion degree, I embarked on my second career dress­ing women and helping to empower each woman through her wardrobe choices. I’ve curated countless looks for amazing women since 2002. I style women who want to dress for the outcomes she wants in life. I’ve walked in this woman’s shoes—I know what it’s like to have to look appropriate and confident and yet to have no time and perhaps to need help creating a look that enhances her personality, her body and her message.

Explain your services and how it works.

My clients, whether they are professionals, community leaders or women who run their families and homes, book a private appointment with me. I provide a highly personal­ized style and wardrobing experience. It’s elevated club-level styling and shopping that’s all about the client. I do my homework before she ever comes to my studio and have a rack ready with her name on it. It’s a place to start our dialogue about her style objectives.

From there we build a capsule that will take her from day to evening; from weekday to indexweekend. One that projects her voice, her personality and makes her feel on top of the world. I work with the iconic Worth New York collection to create her wardrobe options.index

As a style strategist and personal stylist what is your mission?

How we dress impacts whether we’re hired, our career trajectory and how much we earn in our lifetime. And for those of us not in an office, let’s not forget about the laws of attraction.  I help my clients create their signature style to enhance their personal brand, improve their confidence, increase their influence, and ultimately to enhance their personal well-being. My clients want to feel confident and comfortable as they navigate their careers and their lives in general. I help them achieve their dreams by creating personalized wardrobes that offer comfortable, chic and timeless options.

IMG_4250-200x300How does your corporate branding experience translate to helping your clients “dress their message”?

Every woman has goals in her life, an agenda, a mission she wants to accomplish. I feel that through guided styling and wardrobing, I can help her find her genuine voice and project herself from a position of per­sonal power. Whether she is dressing for date night, the boardroom, for everyday work, for a gala, or for home life, I help her create a distinctive look that reflects her personality and that fits her lifestyle. I know from experience and research that what we wear impacts our frame of mind and our performance. When you feel empowered, you project that energy. We try to be the person we’re dressed as, so why not dress as the person we want to be?

Learn more about Bear Brandegee and what she does at

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